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For over a century The Lebermuth Company has been sourcing, distilling, and perfecting the use of essential oils, which are crucial building blocks of fragrance and flavor. Our wide palette of ingredients allows our innovative team to develop new fragrance and flavor concepts, both natural and synthetic, in order to fit each and every client's individual needs, providing you with exactly what you need to succeed in the marketplace.

Our creative team of perfumers and flavorist have over 70 years of experience. They are supported by well-educated evaluators, analytical and cosmetic chemists as well as a knowledgeable regulatory team. The willingness of our perfumers and flavorist to take a client's idea and transform it into a customized formulation is a key benefit of working with the Lebermuth family. Our team works hand-in-hand with our clients through the product development, application testing, and stability testing phases, assuring both quality and satisfaction.

Lebermuth works directly with farmers from over 30 different countries, seeking the finest ingredients Mother Nature has to offer. Having started out in 1908 selling only mint oil, the company has expanded to selling over 250 essential oils, as well as having formulated thousands of fragrances and flavors. We have a strategic purchasing plan in place, supported by our Supply Chain Manager, who ensures we have what our clients need when they need it.

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