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Frontier Specialty Chemicals

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Frontier Specialty Chemicals
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Who we are and What we do:

Frontier Specialty Chemicals is a chemistry company specializing in the advanced synthesis of porphyrins, organoborons for transition metal coupling, synthesis building blocks, and custom and specialty chemistries for the research sciences. We feature a chemically-diverse catalog of organic compounds, building blocks and special collections of compounds in our areas of organic synthesis expertise, which is broad.

Our mission is to pursue innovative chemistry applications, systems, and services that address industry needs, can improve the human condition, treat illnesses through therapies and help researchers meet their goals in organic synthesis. Internally, Frontier Specialty Chemicals is an ethical company, working with chemists and scientists worldwide solving a variety of chemical and medical problems, all the while as we increase company value while conducting our business with integrity and fostering a safe, inclusive, and respectful workplace.

Our scientists have extensive experience in all aspects of organic chemistry and love what they do. Most of our team have been with Frontier Specialty Chemicals for 10+ years and our internal motto is We Love Molecules and we pride themselves on producing Pure and (not so) Simple compounds.

Since our inception in 1975 we have offered a catalog of porphyrins and related molecules. which expanded and grew in 1998 when we introduced organoborons for transition metal coupling, followed by chemically diverse organic compounds for advanced synthesis. We know the field of chemical reagents, and know what you are looking for in the best of reagents for Discovery.

Frontier Specialty Chemicals is also a premier CRO organization, and for decades has provided advanced synthesis services for major, established and start-up Pharma. We specialize in chemistry and discovery synthesis services tailored to your needs:

  • Synthetic route investigation and route scouting
  • Multi-step synthesis
  • Process scale-up
  • Milligram to multi-kilogram scale to Commercial Scale (110+kg)
  • Analytical Characterizations by: GC, LC, MS, LC/MS, and NMR

At Frontier Specialty Chemicals our focus is to provide you with exactly what you need to move your project to a successful conclusion. We put our skills to work to meet your needs in different areas of research and development:

  • Custom Synthesis
  • Reagent & Intermediate Synthesis
  • Natural Product Semi-Synthesis
  • Nutraceutical and Cosmetic Synthesis
  • Small molecule drug development
  • Small molecule ag pesticide development

Helping to solve your chemistry needs to provide best in class products is What We Do.

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