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Ereztech LLC

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Ereztech LLC
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Why Ereztech?

Bridges serve a fundamental purpose – enabling communication, trade, and social interaction between groups that otherwise would not be able to establish a relationship.

Ereztech was formed to do just that!

Our bridge connects the many young and small/medium-sized, highly innovative companies in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union with customers in other parts of the world that are looking for cost-effective, high quality, high-performance chemicals and materials for their demanding applications.

As a US business based in Atlanta, Georgia with management knowledgeable about both Eastern European and Western cultures, Ereztech possesses a unique blend of capabilities. Our Russian roots enable us to communicate directly with Eastern manufacturers, while at the same time we meet the highest ethical and professional standards of the West.

With long-term experience in the chemical industry, the management of Ereztech is able to carefully evaluate and select responsible, innovative suppliers that offer exciting new chemicals and materials that enhance our product portfolio.

Ereztech suppliers produce a wide range of metals, rare-earth derivatives, organometallic compounds, ligands, and building blocks for use in the electronic, photovoltaic, fine and specialty chemicals, and other sectors. These materials are available on the lab to commercial scale, and custom synthesis projects are welcomed. In addition, Erezetch provides extensive customer support, including import/export and customs assistance, logistics management, and delivery services.

As a result, we simplify a potentially complex interaction by serving as the bridge between our clients and customers. And we are committed to providing that connection for years to come.

Ereztech derives its name from the Hebrew word Erez, which means cedar tree in English.

The cedar tree was one of the largest and most solid types of wood in the ancient world. It was used widely in the Sanctuary and the First Temple as a symbol of strength, reliability, and longevity.

Today, cedar is recognized as a natural, durable, sustainable alternative to pressure-treated wood.

Like its namesake, Ereztech is a strong company with a long-term vision and commitment to bridging the advanced materials suppliers of Eastern Europe with forward-thinking companies around the world that are seeking cost-effective yet sustainable alternative sources of innovative, high-quality chemical products.

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