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Advanced Chemical Concepts, Inc.
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Advanced Chemical Concepts, Inc., mission and dedication to quality assurance is to bring added value to both our customers and our supplier partners. We accomplish this by creating sustainable win/win relationships, offering cutting edge technology, formulary support, supply chain efficiencies, and most importantly maintaining the highest level of integrity. Our product and service standards are driven by a detailed Quality Management Program, requiring a committed team effort and ongoing improvement on behalf of management and employees. Innovation is who we are, applying new ideas and emerging technologies to generate positive results in real-world situations. Our commitment to measurable quality standards, “Customer First” philosophy, and pragmatic culture are the core building blocks to ACC’s foundation. Our vision is to focus on what drives sustainable growth: our customer first philosophy, partnership collaboration, along with solution selling and problem solving. ACC will continue to expand its reach geographically and technically striving to be one of the industry’s leading suppliers and thought partners all while building win/win relationships! Advanced Chemical Concepts, Inc., was incorporated in 2006 with a very simple premise in mind - establish a company that provides a value-added service that the chemical industry wants and needs. Since our inception, we have emerged within the market as a preeminent resource, and we are committed to maintaining this integrity by providing the highest level of optimum service. We are a company with over 100 years of combined experience in producing, selling and managing chemicals and chemical companies. We have strategic stocking locations throughout the upper Midwest and are continually expanding our reach, both geographically and with product offering. Together it is even more than chemistry, each member of our team is a vital element to ACC. With vast experience across multiple vertical markets, ACC has become a leading source within the industry.

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Group : Amides

Group : Amphoteric Surfactants

Group : Anionic Surfactants

Group : Cationic Surfactants

Group : Corrosive Inhibitors & Rust Preventives

Group : Defoamers

Group : Emulsifiers & Surfactants

Group : Lubricity & EP Additives

Group : Nonionic Surfactants

Group : Water Treatment

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