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Silex Chemicals SC UG

Country: Germany

Silex Chemicals SC UG
Furstenrieder Str. 279a
81377 Munich Germany

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Silex Chemicals SC UG is a chemicals company, founded in 2018 in Munich. The distribution department of the company located in Germany, the manufacturing plant is located in Russia.

We specialize on production and distribution of silanes. Our production team has more than 20 years experience in this field, so we manufacture products with highest quality standards and work towards incorporating superior quality into our processes.

Range of products

Formula: MeSiH3
Purity 99.9+%
CAS 992-94-9

Formula: Cl3Si-SiCl3 or Si2Cl6
Purity: 97% to UHP 99.8% 8N
CAS 13465-77-5

Formula: Me3SiH
Purity 99% 6N-8N
CAS 993-07-7

Two primary production methods of our main product - HCDS (CAS: 13465-77-5):

Low purity method (95-98%): The usual synthetic route to HCDS involves the reaction of chlorineon silicon alloys, but can result in low levels of metallic contamination from the silicon alloys suchas titanium. Application is as a precursor to substituted disilanes and can be recovery in lowquantities as one byproduct of a trichlorosilane (TCS) production reaction. Applications within thechemical and coating sector requiring lower-purity HCDS as a precursor for substituted disilanesfor silicon-based coatings.

High purity method (>99%): Titanium-catalyzed semiconductor grade silane disproportionationprocess. High purity chemicals and repetative purification processes used in the production ofultra-pure hexachlorodidilane for semiconductor integrated circuits and solar cells.

Commitment towards safety of environment

We are committed towards safety of our operations involved in chemical processing, therebyminimizing their impact on the environment. Furthermore, our commitment extends to properfunctioning of our client's businesses, for this, we ensure to meet your needs in a safe andeffective manner.

Business focus

Our target is to built a reputation for ourselves in the chemical industry for our high qualityproducts, dependable services and ability to accept new challenges and opportunities. Ourcontinual focus is to maintain our product quality, efficiency and competitiveness in the globalmarket.

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Formula: (t-C4H9)2SiH2
Formula: (C2H5)2SiH2
Formula: Cl3Si-SiCl3 or Si2Cl6
97% to UHP 99.8% 8N
Formula: MeSiH3
Formula: Me3SiH
99% 6N-8N